/stɪk / (say stik)

1. a branch or shoot of a tree or shrub cut or broken off.
2. a relatively long and slender piece of wood.
3. an elongated piece of wood for burning, for carpentry, or for any special purpose.
4. a rod or wand; a baton.
5. a walking stick or cane.
6. a club or cudgel.
7. an elongated, stick-like piece of some material: a stick of rock.
8. Colloquial (taboo) an erect penis.
9. Sport the stick or racquet used to hit the ball in hockey or lacrosse.
10. (plural) Football the goal posts.
11. Aeronautics a lever, usually with a handle, by which the longitudinal and lateral motions of an aeroplane are controlled; joystick.
12. Nautical a mast, or a part of a mast.
13. Printingcomposing stick.
14. Military
a. a group of bombs so arranged as to be released in a row across a target.
b. the bombload.
c. a group of parachutists jumping in sequence.
15. (usually plural) a piece of furniture: a few old sticks.
16. Colloquial a person: a decent stick.
17. Colloquial a surfboard.
18. US Colloquial a marijuana cigarette.
verb (t) (sticked, sticking)
19. to furnish with a stick or sticks in order to support or prop, as a plant.
20. Printing to set (type) in a composing stick.
21. a good (or nice old) stick, Colloquial a likeable person.
22. come in for (or get){{}} (a lot of) stick, Colloquial to incur anger or reprobation. {Phrase Origin: a figurative use of the stick as punishment}
23. in a cleft stick, in a dilemma, awkward position, etc. {Phrase Origin: ? from a method of trapping a snake by pinning it down behind the head with a forked stick}
24. more than one can poke (or shake) a stick at, Colloquial a lot of; many; much.
25. … on a stick,
a. the epitome of ….
b. a readily accessible source of …: try the new singles bar – it's sex on a stick.
26. the rough end of the stick, Colloquial a raw deal; the worst part of a bargain.
27. the stick, Colloquial a beating with a stick.
28. the sticks, Colloquial
a. an area or district regarded as lacking in the amenities of urban life.
b.back country (def. 1).
29. the wrong end of the stick,
a. a complete misunderstanding of the facts, situation, etc.
b. the worst of a bargain or deal. {Phrase Origin: ? from the idea of the stick as a beating, the wrong end of the stick being the receiving end of a beating}
30. up the stick, Colloquial pregnant.
{Middle English stikke, Old English sticca, related to German stecken}
[c]/stɪk / (say stik)

verb (stuck, sticking)
verb (t)
1. to pierce or puncture with a pointed instrument, as a dagger, spear, or pin; stab.
2. to kill by this means: to stick a pig.
3. to thrust (something pointed) in, into, through, etc.: to stick a pin into a balloon.
4. to fasten in position by thrusting the point or end into something: to stick a nail in a wall.
5. to fasten in position by, or as by, something thrust through: to stick a badge on one's coat.
6. to fix or impale upon something pointed: to stick a potato on a fork.
7. to set with things piercing the surface: to stick a cushion full of pins.
8. to furnish or adorn with things attached or set here and there.
9. to place upon a stick or pin for exhibit: to stick butterflies.
10. to thrust or poke into a place or position indicated: to stick one's head out of the window.
11. to place in a specified position: stick your books on the table.
12. to fasten or attach by causing to adhere: to stick a stamp on a letter.
13. to bring to a standstill; render unable to proceed or go back: to be stuck in the mud.
14. to endure; tolerate.
15. to confuse; perplex; puzzle.
16. to impose an unpleasant task upon.
verb (i)
17. to have the point piercing, or embedded in something.
18. to remain attached by adhesion: the mud sticks to one's shoes.
19. to hold, cleave, or cling: to stick to a horse's back.
20. to remain persistently or permanently: a fact that sticks in the mind.
21. to become fastened, hindered, checked, or stationary by some obstruction.
22. to be at a standstill, as from difficulties.
23. to be thrust, or extend, project, or protrude: a branch sticking up from the mud.
24. to remain or stay, usually for a considerable time: I can't bear to stick indoors all day.
25. a thrust with a pointed instrument; a stab.
26. the quality of adhering or of causing things to adhere.
27. something causing adhesion.
28. Obsolete a stoppage or standstill.
29. Obsolete something causing delay or difficulty.
30. stick around, Colloquial to stay nearby; linger.
31. stick at,
a. to keep steadily or unremittingly at (a task, undertaking, or the like): to stick at a job.
b. to hesitate or scruple to do.
32. stick by, to remain loyal or faithful to.
33. stick in someone's throat, to be hard to accept.
34. stick it, Colloquial (an expression of contempt, dismissal, disgust, etc.)
35. stick like a burr to a blanket (or a horse's tail), Colloquial to cling to another person, despite discouragement.
36. stick on, to remain; stay behind.
37. stick one's neck out, Colloquial to expose oneself to blame, criticism, etc.; take a risk.
38. stick one's nose in, Colloquial to pry; interfere.
39. stick out,
a. to protrude; thrust out.
b. to be obvious, conspicuous, etc.: to stick out a mile.
c. to endure; put up with something until the very end: they were bored by the film but stuck it out for two hours.
40. stick out for, to continue to ask for; be persistent in demanding.
41. stick out like dogs' balls, Colloquial to be extremely noticeable.
42. stick to, to remain firm with regard to (an opinion, statement, resolution, promise, etc.): he stuck to his view that the mayor was wrong.
43. stick together, to remain friendly, loyal, etc., to one another.
44. stick to the letter of the law, to be very particular about obeying all rules and regulations.
45. stick up,
a. to project or protrude upwards.
b. Colloquial to rob, especially at gunpoint.
46. stick up for, to speak or act in favour of; defend; support.
47. stick up to, to confront boldly; resist strongly.
48. stick with, to remain loyal or faithful to.
49. (you can) stick that for a joke (or lark), Colloquial (an expression indicating complete and often derisive rejection of a proposal, plan, etc.)
{Middle English stike(n), Old English stician, related to Middle Low German, Low German stikken}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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